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Heritage Foundation understands ‘The energy potential of fracking’

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By Ed Feulner Published: Monday, February 25, 2013, 9:00 p.m. on Updated: Monday, February 25, 2013 Say you were a politician, and there was a domestic energy source available that’s clean and abundant. One that has the potential to create new jobs and revitalize local economies. Would you do more to encourage it? Silly question, you [...]

Farming and Energy Development DO Co-Exist:

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The ShaleReporter calls itself a legitimate news-reporting organization, but its bias is clear in this story about farming (and in just about all of their other stories).  The fact is that oil and natural gas have been produced from agricultural lands for decades – safely and successfully – and farmers are benefiting from new development [...]

New Yorkers Not Afraid to Tell the Truth:

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Two Columbia University law professors ignore the misinformation coming from many people in New York and get to the real promise of natural gas development in the U.S. in this Philadelphia Inquirer piece:  Gas boom’s true promise January 03, 2013|By Thomas W. Merrill and David M. Schizer   In the new movie Promised Land, Matt [...]

Promised Land? More like “Liar Land”

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Joy Overbeck, a Colorado journalist, exposes “The Promised Land” for what it is in this Washington Times piece:  a movie  – driven by a group of people with an agenda — that is void of facts about oil and natural gas drilling, ignoring statements by state and federal regulators about the industry’s environmental protection efforts. [...]

Natural gas fueling construction of new steel mills

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Bloomberg News reports of five new mills being built or planned in the U.S., thanks to the use of natural gas to produce iron for 20 percent less than a traditional blast furnace.  An analyst best sums up the advantage of the conversion to natural gas: “This is how steel will be built moving forward.” [...]

Rendell tells Cuomo drilling “is a good thing to do”:

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Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell encourages New York to drop its moratorium on drilling, while the former PaDEP Secretary calls the ban  “stunningly hypocritical.”   Read more here: Gov. Cuomo and New York would be frackin’ “crazy” to continue its fracking ban. That’s the message from former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, a Democrat whose state [...]

Shale Gas in US = $75 billion utility savings to households in 2013:

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A report posted by NASDAQ’s news source and completed by Canada’s TD Group equates the direct benefits of shale gas to the United States, with the average homeowner saving $650 in utility costs during 2013.  Families will be more comfortable and safer, since they will be better able to afford to heat their homes. Read [...]

Simple Economics Point to a Surge in NGV Fleets:

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The Associated Press highlights the growing number of fleet vehicles being converted to natural gas, noting that companies are reducing fuel costs by as much as 50 percent and slashing maintenance expenses. Read more:

Independent Research Concludes Value of Marcellus:

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The Associated Press looks to the experts for a story that focuses on the positive economics of Appalachian Shale gas and the proven production from wells drilled to date.  According to Standard & Poors:  the Marcellus “could contain almost half of the current proven natural gas reserves in the U.S.”  Read more:

Two reports, one conclusion

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Future Marcellus Shale production estimates from the federal government are “grossly understated,” according to this AP story on reports by ITG Investment Research and Standard & Poors, the latter of which states the Marcellus could contain “almost half of the current proven natural gas reserves in the U.S.”