Cleaning Up the New Slime

The slime peddlers have tried to pitch new and easily refuted boogey monster-style stories to some reporters with little or no REAL facts to support their claims. We want to CLEAN UP a few things below.

There’s always a supply of fresh slime that needs to be analyzed and countered with facts about oil and natural gas development. Some of it is aimed primarily at Pennsylvania, while other slime goes nation-wide.

November 1, 2013

Earthworks Report Chooses Old Data Over New Data

by Joe Massaro, Pittsburgh, Pa. This week, the anti-oil and gas group Earthworks released a report on water use in the Marcellus region, exhausting nearly 90 pages to eventually arrive at the conclusion that hydraulic fracturing, in its view, uses too much water. In so many ways, the paper is classic Earthworks. Like other extended press [...]


January 31, 2013

Farming and Energy Development DO Co-Exist:

The ShaleReporter calls itself a legitimate news-reporting organization, but its bias is clear in this story about farming (and in just about all of their other stories).  The fact is that oil and natural gas have been produced from agricultural lands for decades – safely and successfully – and farmers are benefiting from new development [...]


January 8, 2013

Promised Land? More like “Liar Land”

Joy Overbeck, a Colorado journalist, exposes “The Promised Land” for what it is in this Washington Times piece:  a movie  – driven by a group of people with an agenda — that is void of facts about oil and natural gas drilling, ignoring statements by state and federal regulators about the industry’s environmental protection efforts. [...]

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October 22, 2012

Two reports, one conclusion

Future Marcellus Shale production estimates from the federal government are “grossly understated,” according to this AP story on reports by ITG Investment Research and Standard & Poors, the latter of which states the Marcellus could contain “almost half of the current proven natural gas reserves in the U.S.”

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October 1, 2012

Hollywood and the United Arab Emirates bringing slime to a theatre near you

The upcoming film, “The Promised Land” will bring drama and misinformation about natural gas development to the big screen.   The Heritage Foundation focuses here on the fact that AD Media, owned by the government of the UAE, is providing funding for the movie.  UAE is a member of OPEC, and has the seventh-largest proven natural [...]