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The slime peddlers come in the form of community activists, national environmental groups, academics and biased public-interest organizations. For years they have deliberately implemented a deceiving and negative campaignabout oil and natural gas development to paint a more favorable picture of expensive, inefficient renewable energy.

Below are some of the REAL stories about oil and natural gas development they DON’T want you to read. Behind these stories are hard-working people who are improving their lives through new jobs, farmers who are easing their financial burdens through lease and royalty payments, and businesses hiring and training a workforce that sees the future of energy development in the U.S.

November 1, 2013

Earthworks Report Chooses Old Data Over New Data

by Joe Massaro, Pittsburgh, Pa. This week, the anti-oil and gas group Earthworks released a report on water use in the Marcellus region, exhausting nearly 90 pages to eventually arrive at the conclusion that hydraulic fracturing, in its view, uses too much water. In so many ways, the paper is classic Earthworks. Like other extended press [...]


September 19, 2013

New methane study is encouraging for fracking backers

By Timothy Puko Published: Monday, September 16, 2013 10:45 p.m. Updated 9 hours ago A nationwide study has made what may be a big first step in settling important questions over the gas boom’s impact on climate change, suggesting that natural gas wells probably don’t leak as much air pollution as previous worst-case estimates indicated. [...]


June 10, 2013

MSN Money…Right on the Money

MSN summarizes the economic surge being experienced in Pittsburgh and southwestern Pennsylvania, thanks to the development of natural gas reserves, calling the city a “boomtown.” Why Pittsburgh is becoming a boomtown Proximity to new oil and natural gas sites is drawing interest from abroad and fueling the city’s economic and population growth The Primanti Bros. [...]

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April 4, 2013

The Truth About Taxes on Oil and Natural Gas Taxes

An op-ed by PIOGA’s Lou D’Amico, published here in the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat, digs into the U.S. Tax Code to show the oil and gas industry does not get any “tax breaks,” as claimed by many politicians:  Read more: The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA March 27, 2013 Louis D’Amico | Stop the drumbeat for higher taxes [...]

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March 28, 2013

It’s All Here

NBC’s ‘Economy Watch” captures what is taking place in the United States thanks to new sources of affordable domestic energy:  Investment in manufacturing, good jobs, long-term economic growth and reduced utility costs for businesses and consumers.  America’s oil and natural gas producers say, “you’re welcome.”  Read more… The boom in new oil and natural gas [...]

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