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MSN Money…Right on the Money

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MSN summarizes the economic surge being experienced in Pittsburgh and southwestern Pennsylvania, thanks to the development of natural gas reserves, calling the city a “boomtown.” Why Pittsburgh is becoming a boomtown Proximity to new oil and natural gas sites is drawing interest from abroad and fueling the city’s economic and population growth The Primanti Bros. [...]

The Truth About Taxes on Oil and Natural Gas Taxes

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An op-ed by PIOGA’s Lou D’Amico, published here in the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat, digs into the U.S. Tax Code to show the oil and gas industry does not get any “tax breaks,” as claimed by many politicians:  Read more: The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA March 27, 2013 Louis D’Amico | Stop the drumbeat for higher taxes [...]

It’s All Here

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NBC’s ‘Economy Watch” captures what is taking place in the United States thanks to new sources of affordable domestic energy:  Investment in manufacturing, good jobs, long-term economic growth and reduced utility costs for businesses and consumers.  America’s oil and natural gas producers say, “you’re welcome.”  Read more… The boom in new oil and natural gas [...]

The Little Bank That Could

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Peoples Neighborhood Bank from Susquehanna County, flush with deposits from royalty owners and businesses engaged in all aspects of Marcellus development in the county, is moving up to compete with bigger banks in the cities of Binghamton and Scranton.  Read more here: Susquehanna County bank pushes into downtown Scranton BY DAVID FALCHEK (STAFF WRITER) Published: [...]

Here’s the real story, told in three chapters on a single day.

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The Pittsburgh Technical Institute breaks ground on a new $3.5 oil and gas technology center to train the future workforce, the Washington County Chamber of Commerce (looking a 73 new economic development projects totaling $364 million) is opening a second office, and a family-owned Washington County natural gas service company has experienced a 10 percent [...]

PA Ranked Number One in the Northeast, Third in the Nation

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Natural gas is behind Pennsylvania’s spectacular ranking by Site Selection Magazine for the total number of new or expanded corporate facilities in the country during 2012, with 430 new facilities added during the year, along with jobs, taxes and economic growth. Read more from the Pittsburgh Tribune Review:   The booming gas drilling industry may [...]

Heritage Foundation understands ‘The energy potential of fracking’

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By Ed Feulner Published: Monday, February 25, 2013, 9:00 p.m. on Updated: Monday, February 25, 2013 Say you were a politician, and there was a domestic energy source available that’s clean and abundant. One that has the potential to create new jobs and revitalize local economies. Would you do more to encourage it? Silly question, you [...]