The Mike and Mike radio interview: slime on steroids

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Hyperbole and a complete lack of facts are rarely a good combination. That’s the case in this 10-minute interview on trial attorney Mike Papantonio’s “Pap Attack/Ring of Fire” syndicated radio program with “” reporter Mike Ludwig.

Some of the claims made by these two slimers and the real stories are excerpted below:

“Come in our backyard and engage in this process called fracking, we don’t really know what it is”

We do know what it is, dating back almost 65 years, and with the experience of hydraulically fracturing 1.2 million oil and gas wells.

“We don’t really know what you’re putting into our drinking water”

The process of drilling an oil and natural gas well includes the use of multiple layers of protection of steel and cement to protect groundwater.

“…It’s bad, bad stuff that children and adults should not be having put in their drinking water”

See above…the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing are very small in amount, very low in concentration and controlled at the drilling location. They are not put into drinking water.

“You have no regulations; you basically have the SEC making most of the decisions on the regulations.”

The SEC has nothing to do with regulating oil and gas development, but the states certainly do. In fact, a typical natural gas well drilled in Pennsylvania requires 60 different permits from state agencies such as the Departments of Environmental Protection and Conservation and Natural Resources, and from federal agencies such as the U.S/ Army Corps of Engineers.

“If it’s safe, then why don’t you tell us what the hell the chemicals are?”

We invite you to visit, a website that provides exact information on chemicals used at hundreds of thousands of oil and gas wells around the country.

“Who is going to get that money? Are we going to see our gas rates go down on our bill every month?”

The answer is yes. A recent study by Navigant Consulting found that the average U.S. homeowner using natural gas is saving about $200/year.

The benefits to Pennsylvania residents and its economy are nothing short of phenomenal. Farmers have been paid billions of dollars in lease and royalty payments, allowing them to upgrade equipment and save their family-operated farms. The industry has paid more than $1 billion in taxes to state and local governments since 2006. Unemployment in counties with drilling activity is as much as 2.5 percent below the national average of 8.2 percent, and typical industry wages are between $17,000-$34,000 higher than the statewide average of $47,000.

The link to this preposterous radio interview is here

Be forewarned, it ends with the slimy trial lawyer Papantonio’s takeaway: “How the fracking industry keeps its secrets is incredible, and those secrets are probably killing us.”


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